…and no, I’m not talking about the types of things that make George Clooney scream and run out of the room. That’s a totally different subject, and besides, there’s a Federal Judge in downtown L.A. that’s in hot water over stuff like that.

I found this one through the insidious urgings of Jemima Kiss, that little Digital Judas Goat. She said it made her love the internet. Me? Well, I just felt sorry for the tall fella in the wookie costume having to cavort with a Jawa to “Footloose.” I mean, already the poor guy has gotta be sweating under all that syntho-fur; now you want him to do the chest-bump and high kicks?

If you dare, go over to the Viral Video Chart site – right now, the current fave is the “I’m Voting Republican” video, all with people staring into the camera and reciting all the f’d up reasons they have for voting for the GOP.