Using Clay-Sculpture Tools To Produce Organic Art

The “Night of 1,000 Jack-o-Lanterns” exhibit at the Chicago Botanical Gardens was a breath of fresh – albeit pumpkin-spice-scented – air. After months of feeling trapped, increasingly bored with the virtual/streaming/digital distractions, we were starved for something that felt real. Tangible. Organic. 

The coolest part was that the carved pumpkins were arranged according to themes – first came pumpkins carved with iconic images of scary folklores from different cultures, then endangered animals in Illinois, then Dia de Los Muertos/Santa Muerte, and finally sci-fi magazine covers from the Golden Age. Cool stuff. Much needed. 

I’ve sorted out the pumpkin-carving designs into some broad general categories. And no, I did NOT upload all 1,000 jack o’lanterns. It just felt like it as I built this gallery.

Baby Monsters

Dia De Los Muertos Designs

Astrological Signs

International Scary Days

Imaginary Sci-Fi Magazine Covers

Essential Workers & Endangered Species

Constantly Replaced (they rot)

More New Ones Every Week