Apparently, there is no government agency doing a complex & demanding job that a bunch of yo-hos don’t think could be replaced by private industry. Even when said private industry has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO with the job that the government agency was doing.

With this in mind, please either put down the soft drink, or erect a plastic shield between your Diet Coke-filled mouth and the screen.

The latest meme to start making the rounds of the nuttier regions of the intertubes holds that mankind would be so much better off if the Gates Foundation (and Microsoft) took over the job of space exploration.

Just a few comments that I had to snarf from the genius thread over at Sadly, No!

 â€œAn operation is attempting to emergency abort the launch. Do you want to allow this?”

“Microsoft Interplanetary Explorer has encountered an error and needs to close. Do you want to notify Microsoft?”

The iStarShip would be overpriced, underpowered, and made of really shitty shny white plastic.

but it would look amazing and all the cool hip starship captains would have one

“Clearly, the solution is to have a Linux-based Starship.”

No thanks. I don’t want to have to recompile the kernel every time I open the airlock.

Aw hell, go on over there and check out the pie-fight. They’re saying it much more effectively that I could – and the sad thing is, the error messages are pretty much what I’d expect to see from an MS-Vista controlled spaceship. 

I always wondered why Sarah and John Connor didn’t just upload Vista to Skynet to stop the Terminator…