Yes, the amusing little JavaScript sequence that shows me getting squirted in the face by a firehose and then winking is gone. Some recent update to WordPress ganked it, and to be honest, I don’t have the time right now to chase down the setting to fix it.

Nor do I have the time to do a full redesign at this time. I’m in the final stages of producing my class, “Using Predictive Analytics to Improve the Customer Journey” for Pluralsight, and every waking second has to be dedicated to putting the final editing touches on. Like any construction project, it feels like 90% of the work & stress takes place in the last 5% of the time. (Groans, stretches, briefly considers running away to Patagonia to work as a penguin-vaccinator.)

Here’s a preview of one of the user personas I’ve constructed for this class. I call her “Charo Chocoholic,” and she’s representative of demanding users who want to find something unique and delightful, that they can share with their friends.

Stick with me, folks. A big blog post is coming after I get done with this next week.

Teaser: It involves the biggest shift in my life in more than 30 years.