The first TV show to really rock me back on my heels with a “Whoa – that’s smart!” reaction was Battlestar Galactica.  They pioneered using their website to push a podcast of the writers/directors/producers/stars all talking about what they went through while making that week’s show.

What a smart use of the genre-specific audience’s inchoate needs – sci-fi fanboys are nothing if not tech geeky and obsessive. They’re the audience that will watch and re-watch their favorite movies over and over, frame by frame, until they find the one with the naked Jessica Rabbit on it.  So to give them a podcast that they can run on their iPods as a simulcast that mimics the experience of the extra features on a DVD – genius.

Now comes this news
about the breakout NBC hit Heroes and their multimedia features on their shiny new re-launched website:

Heroes story lines are moving online. The hit NBC series is relaunching its Web site
on Monday with new interactive features coinciding with a batch of new
original episodes. The multiplatform strategy will deepen the Heroes mythos with additional content for Internet and mobile applications.

New add-ons include a real-time, two-screen application that plays out
on the PC along with each episode, mobile content and commentary from
cast members set to streamed episodes.

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