Seems that the landscape is changing on this – just a little bit at a time, but the fact that some people are daring enough to swim against the current seems to be paying off … admittedly, mainly in media coverage about how daring they are.

But as this article points out, that fawning media coverage also helps the bottom line:

Landmark’s highest-profile experiment with release windows took place earlier this year, with Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Bubble.’
The movie didn’t do well in theaters, but Landmark co-owner Todd Wagner
later told me that it more than covered its production costs in DVD
sales, thanks to the copious free publicity the movie received.

Now, the movie Ten Items or Less, made for less than $10 million, is going to be hitting various distribution platforms all at the same time.  None of this “theater first, DVD second, TV last” release schedule.  Which is going to really upset the apple cart … while putting more $$ into the Apple bank…

There’s a much longer, and larger post about the kinks that are getting worked out on digital distribution of HD content (and also about how Mark Cuban may not be sitting in such a high & mighty seat), but I am still fighting the bronchitis that has laid me low these last three weeks, and my head is stuffed with Sgt. Schultz’ favorite strudel…

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