Monteria – Training Graduates
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This is the roomful of grinning graduates of our training seminar. They all get certificates of completion, and the energy in the room was humbling and inspirational. Small papers like this have so much enthusiasm, and are so eager and willing to try new things.

Yeah, I know the lighting and the cropping of this shot are pretty terrible, but I’ll color-correct and re-size this later. Mostly, I’m too wiped out after doing these marathon sessions to really want to deal with anything detailed&technical.

One other note: this very young staff surprised us in one very important way. We do a game to end each series of sessions – and unlike every other group we’ve ever had, where maybe one or two people in the room kinda broke/bent the rules, here in Monteria, the kids really reached out to each other, and tried to help each other in a way that was unprecedented. There are advantages to having people who have not yet picked up the arrogance and bad habits that make change so difficult for other media companies.