In keeping with the Podcast experiment (see below), this is an experiment to see how well Typepad integrates a video clip.  The sizing of the player is a real hassle, of course, and I am still puzzling over how the codec for Quicktime can be so shitty.  Obviously, to do a professional (looking) job, you need professional (priced) tools … and compressing video is, even by the admission of highly paid pros, as much of an art as it is of a science.  Which helps explain my mixed results in this arena, since I am just one tiny click above utter and complete n00b.

Anyway.  Submitted for your approval is the short clip below, soon to be part of a video series wherein I interrogate LA bloggers about their thoughts on What It All Means, and of course Whither Blogs?  The designated victim in this piece is Mack Reed, owner/operator of and a smart, tough thinker.  He’s been ass-deep in the blog world for the last three years (compared to my 3 month tiptoe) and thus has some interesting insights.

The question to Mack was, "Would you like to monetize your blog?"