Saw this stuck in my spam filter; I think it’s obviously a joke, but in light of the gullibility and freaky denial of reality on the part of the “Birthers,” maybe someone is actually getting people to click through on the link:

I am Christian Kenya Prince.

I have Obama KENYA birth certifikate in safe deposit box. I fear for my life and want to sent to you for safety keeping. Please send bank information and address to I can paid small bank safe fee and ship to you. In God name I pray you keep sckret and tell no one until box get safe to you.

Tahnk you for help getting thsi important done

With God Love,
Dr Mubuto Obenteabaggin, Prince in Exile, Logos Nigeria

Hey – maybe this is the solution to funding the health care reform – just keep promising the lunatic fringe that if they send the cash they would otherwise blow on the slots down at the Indian Casinos to a P.O. Box, they will get final and absolute proof of all their crazy conspiracy theories: that Obama is an alien, the election is a fraud, secret re-education camps have been built by FEMA in Indiana, and Muslimofascists have had plastic surgery and one by one, have kidnapped & replaced the staffs of the New York Times, U.S. State Department and water-flouridation plants…