Here’s another quick hit:

Al Gore divided by Bill Gates?

Al Gore divided by Bill Gates?Does that mean that the polar icecaps will now recede as slowly as a Vista boot-up? 'Cause that'd actually be pretty cool.

I really love the playful spirit behind this ad – the way that it takes great design, which by its nature cannot be reduced to a set of integers and mathematic functions, and reconstructs the evolution of great forces in advertising and marketing into an arresting image.  Great stuff.

Maybe I’m loving this just because it’s so “meta” – an ad image that seeks to comment on, and explain forcefully & originally, what is best & most innovative about advertising design.  The Big Scary Project I’m working on right now is kinda like this – it’s a journalistic project that seeks to impress other journalists with its depth & insight.  Which is a high-wire act that borders on the reckless.

Jay Rosen did a piece today that was so good & interesting that it pissed me off.  I’ll be blogging about it, in light of the stuff I wrote about last night from David Simon.