As part of my ongoing experiment in coming up with a coherent content strategy, I offer up a week’s worth of fun and/or interesting videos that I’ve come across.

It’s been a real rollercoaster of a week:

  1. Started out with the fear that Bush would figure out some last, triumphal way of screwing up on his last day in office
  2. Felt pride, relief, hope and a growing sense of “what the hell just happened to us all?” during the Inauguration
  3. Felt sick in the aftermath as it turned out the economic meltdown wasn’t going to give us a break, no matter what
  4. Even sicker when Xeni Jardin championed a documentary about how the U.S. tortured innocent people through depraved intermediaries

Anyway. Here’s a couple of things to lighten things up –

OK, this is childish, and an advertisement to boot, but the only other thing I saw like this was Jim Carrey’s dancing eyebrows in “Me, Myself & Irene”:

This gem from the Vancouver Film School that shows off 1) the 3D animation-fu of the creator, and 2) a deep-seated psychological fear of uncontrolled facial hair

Next, this is a movie trailer for a film being distributed by Ted Perkins, a friend of mine. It’s not a chucklefest, but the photography is beautiful, and I gotta give Ted a shout-out:

RED RIVER TRAILER for BERLIN from Ted Perkins on Vimeo.

This is kind of a rip-off of the famous scene from “Fisher King,” but I love it anyway.  The thing to pay attention to is how many people are using their cellphone cams to take pix or video of the flashmob.  In the future, we’re all going to be self-contained news gatherers – in much the way that Twitter has turned us all into terse Telegram-style news alert generators, the coming 4G phones will make us all part of a constant info-web.

Next, this somewhat creepy talking baby shows us all the outtakes from the Super Bowl adstravaganzas that we AREN’T going to see this year … and more in future blog posts about the coming ad meltdown that is coming into focus…

aaaand finally, the winner of the week, with almost 700,000 views since Tuesday: