As a person obsessed at time with etymology (which is the study of words, as opposed to entomology, which is the study of bugs, also known in my house as  "Those Disgusting Crawly Things That Must Be Killed") I love this list of band names and how they got to be named.

If I had more time, I’d whip up some impressive (sounding) thumbsucker on identity and creation thereof, and how that is all tied into the Great Big Inevitable Digital Thing, but it’s a Friday night and my ass hurts from sitting around all day in the office.

So here’s the link and a sampling:

BUCK  CHERRY – possibly a goof on the often heard speaking disorder wherein the speaker will interchange the first letter{s} in two successive words i.e. "I have just   received a Blushing Crow  {crushing blow}  Metallica uses such a device in   their album entitled "Cunning Stunts."  Buck Cherry would then equal Chuck Berry, famous classic rocker.

  –  1)  It may have come from the sci-fi movie Soylent Green when they said "Tuesday is soylent green day."  Soylent green was a food  produced by a corporation to feed the way overpopulated masses; turns out they   were also making it from the masses!   2) Another story is   that when they dropped out of school to be musicians, their principal said "It’ll  be a green day in hell before you make anything of yourselves".  3) Some say that in drug slang – if you smoked pot and goofed off all day, it was a "Green Day."

Got the idea from Fred Durst’s dog Biscuit who has a limp.

–   1)  The Silver Chair  is one of the titles in C.S. Lewis’ "Chronicles of Narnia"  in which Prince Rilian of Narnia is held captive under the spell of the witch who killed his mother.

During brief moments of returning sanity he is restrained in a silver chair. He is rescued when two children magically transported from earth, and a dour resident of Narnia find him and destroy the chair thereby lifting the curse. 2)  A combination of "Sliver" by Nirvana and "Berlin Chair" by You Am I. They were requesting the songs from a radio station and the name was inspired by notes a band member made to himself to remember the song titles while he was calling the station.  * Original name of band:
Innocent Criminals.