This is an example of a web function known as a "Trackback;" which I am testing out to see if it works on an intra-blog basis.  Basically, as part of the growing Hard News Nopeststrip
Inc. multimedia empire (hah!), legenday editor David Mitchell is now blogging at Sparsely, Sage and Timely – and this post is to show one trick that is often used to increase web traffic. 

A trackback is a response to a story/picture/comment on another person’s weblog.  Only rather than putting the response in "comments," you write a full-fledged response on your own site and then "trackback" – a way of symbiotically increasing traffic to both of your blogs…

Sheesh. Now that I’ve got a real, live, classy award-winning publisher/editor/writer in the house, I’ma gonna hafta spruce the place up a bit.

…now where did I leave that No-Pest Strip...?

Hmmm … apparently, Typepad does not allow sites within the same family to trackback each other – which, I guess only makes sense, since a Trackback qualifies as a link, and SEO riggers use such things to game the search engine system (a minor bit of trickery that can have real lucrative results – such as when you get listed high for a word such as "poker" and then make $$ off the Google ads and referral traffic…