Along the lines of “find something that everyone wants, but nobody else has stumbled on yet, sell it for a significant mark-up and then retire” … this is a smashing good business plan.

Be an A-list blogger:

  1. Go to Techememe
  2. Blog something intelligent about the top story of the day
  3. Link to and mention all the people who have said something intelligent
  4. Repeat for 30 days
  5. Go to a couple conferences a month
  6. You’re an A-list blogger.

As is so often true, the devil is indeed in the details. “Blog something intelligent” indeed.  Well, boy howdy. Is that all there is to it. Hey, I bet if you made a really great movie, lots of people would want to see it.  Now can I get a meeting with Mr. Murdoch to explain why it is that he should make me the new head of production at Fox?  No?  Hell, I’m an A-list producer, aren’t I?

Folks. The whole make money off the web from the style and comfort of your home thing is really starting to smell like Ponzi to me. If you’re already doing it, because you were an early adopter, then congrats, kudos and may the Googlebux keep flowing in your general direction.  But all those who have recently been shitcanned over at MSNBC who are hoping to slap together a blog and make enough to keep the cat fed are going to be in for a bit of a disappointment here.  I know some totally excellent d00dz who have been doing this online shinola for more than a decade and they barely have enough to starve.  And that’s with a fulltime gig.

Damn. That’s two posts that obliquely or not tie in to this apparently groundbreaking, nerve-shattering discourse.

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