After 15 hours of agony on the American Airlines flights back from Buenos Aires, I am back in L.A., and working hard already on trying to arrange for the next big international webmedia trip – this one to Moscow. The forms that the Russian Consulate requires travelers to fill out to get a visa are absolutely amazing in the amount of detail that they demand.  It’s worse than filling out a job application – at least there, you don’t have to mail them your passport, and hope to Christ that they send it back to you before your flight takes off…

Anyway, I have tons of postings and photos that I have to put up in this space, along with links to pages that I’m putting up at the main Hard News site – my PowerPoint presentation is already up there at if you want to take a look at it.  I will also be posting my list of sites that I think are interesting, and the reasons I think so, along with a list of all the tech toys that I use/recommend.

Tops on my list of new fave technologies has to be Skype. Folks, Skype saved my ass.  Free calls of whatever length to anyone else with a Skype account?  Man, you just can’t beat it. If you haven’t gotten a Skype account yet, go to and sign up.

Me? I gotta go back to applying for travel health insurance (apparently, the Rooskies won’t let you in the country unless you have some sort of health policy).