There is a valid reason that I have been posting here very infrequently the last month or so. 

I quit my day job.  My last day was Friday.

As of this morning, I am working fulltime for myself and the mighty Hard News, Inc.  I will be doing multimedia consulting, freelance writing and continuing to move forward direction, shooting, producing and editing my own (streaming) video projects.

This move is one that is both exciting and terrifying for me, but I keep singing to my self the siren song of the New Age-y types, you know, the one that goes "there is no growth without a little pain" yada yada blah blah. As with most cliches, it is a cliche because it contains a core or truth. I have learned all that I could learn from the day job at the law firm (although the front-row seat on the police misconduct melodramas was constantly amusing), and now it is time to throw myself into an arena where I will be challenged and forced to grow & learn more.

My first big gig is a contract with the U.S. State Department to go to Santiago and Concepcion, Chile, to deliver a series of presentations on the changing nature of the internet, convergence, new media and the art of fostering conversations and innovation.  I will be giving these speeches in Spanish (which already makes me sweat – I am fluent, but rusty, shall we say), and the schedule is pretty relentless.  I will be talking to a roomful of newspaper publishers, editors and executives, an auditorium full of university students, and a roundtable of new media/website managers. 

Watch this space for further news & updates.