Jul 29

David LaFontaine has more than 20 years experience as a journalist, editor, and multimedia producer working on a variety of projects in film, television, print, radio, and the Internet.

David is the Director of Content and UX for, an adjunct professor at the Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism at USC, and an author and multimedia producer. Recently, he completed the production of hours of training on the entire Adobe Edge Suite – Animate, Reflow, Code and Inspect. This drew on basically every advanced web-related skill there is, from the intricacies of responsive web design, to crafting compelling HTML5 animations, to hand-coding HTML/CSS, and finally, testing it all on mobile devices.

David has produced a series of case studies for the NAA, the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), and the Online Journalism Review ( He frequently works with journalists, media organizations, NGOs, pro-democracy and human rights organizations around the world, helping them come to grips with digital media (especially social media), so they can start telling their stories on their own. The democratization of the media that has come about as a result of technological advances is something that David is keenly interested in, and his efforts to track down what happens when ordinary people get their mitts on the latest web technology keep him hopping.

His foray into “New Media” began in 1998, when he co-founded the Single Parent Magazine. He also worked as Managing Editor for, a film and video Web site that helped shape the evolution of streaming media.

From 2000 to 2002, Dave worked on a 2-year investigative project for ABC’s PrimeTime. Over the past several years, he has studied and experimented with the best methods of combining audio, video, still photos, and plain old text to capture and retain modern readers.

In the early 90s, David covered politics and entertainment in Los Angeles, writing for a variety of publications, including Star Magazine, News of the World, Daily People, Oggi, Voici, Bild Zeitung, Hello, New Idea, and Women’s Weekly. That experience led him to write a tell-all book called The Poison Pen, which was published by Dove Books in 1996.

Prior to that, David was the managing editor of the Caracas Daily Journal (now the Latin America Herald Tribune) and then freelanced stories from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Guatemala. He speaks fluent Spanish and worked as an editor and reporter in Latin America for nearly three years. David won a Pulliam Fellowship that helped him start his career at the Arizona Republic in 1987.

David’s interest in online communications dates back to the early days of Prodigy and 2400 baud modems.

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