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Jan 22

Headless Mannequin in Topless Dumpster

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Living next to a prop house, every once in a while you glance over and do a spit-take. They had just chucked what looked like a limp woman’s body out of the back of a semi.

Wondering if the frustrated Evil Elves in the fabrication shop had finally snapped and gone Jeffrey Dahmer, I cautiously wandered over to see what the hell was going on.

movie prop technician drags decapitated dummy around

This thing is a lot heavier than you would think. It's pretty much the same weight as a real human. Which is more than a little creepy.

Turns out that some of the more enthusiastic sword-swinging extras on the set of “Thor” accidentally connected with some of the helpless “peasants” they were wading through. The prop guys said that they had already charged the production company $1900 for damaging this dummy.  The damn things are meant to stand up to being thrown off buildings, overpasses, crashed in cars, etc.

I don’t know what kind of maniac was swinging the aircraft-grade aluminum “Hero Swords” the Evil Elves have come up with (and no, I can’t show them to you – the designs are super-cool, but the Marvel guys would impale me for leaking them to the Chinese toymakers, who are trying to gear up to flood the market with knock-offs of the Christmas tie-in toys), but they apparently work quite well.

We briefly considered taking the dummy into our house and giving it the poor woman (it is a woman – note the wasp waist) a decent home. But it was soaking wet. And it stunk.

Still, she had served her purpose well.

decapitated dummy heaved into dumpster

Ashes to ashes, dummy to dumpster.

She was hurled into the dumpster will full military honors.

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