Where the road takes you
Originally uploaded by Wordyeti.

I can’t believe how empty these beautiful parks are … yeah, it was still a little chilly, but I saw more people out walking around when there was a sudden freak blizzard. Now it’s starting to get green and pleasant enough to stroll around with a light sweater or windbreaker on (I vote for the windbreaker – literally – man, a sudden breeze out of the north is still a jolt).

Every once in a while there’s the empty booze bottle smashed on the gravel here, but I gotta say, for a major urban center’s parkland, this place is top-notch. No junkies – or at least very, very few – no loud thumping music, and the playground equipment for the little kids isn’t covered with graffiti and soiled prophylactics.

I also just kind like the composition of this one – the way that the road just curves off … I guess I shoulda also tried this one from a worm’s eye view, but I kinda like the way the perspective brings in the feeling of being inside a tunnel of green…