It seems that more and more  blogging services are turning on to the fact that most blogging input templates are pretty damn annoying. I say this as an advocate for the medium. I also speak as one who has seen hours of work evaporate as the interface crashed, or timed out, or whatever.

I'd like to hope that someday it will be as seamless as creating a page in Issuu is – that one day we'll just be able to create pages with custom designs, including Flash, video, audio, Silverlight, what have you, and be able to upload them into a CMS that will adjust on the fly to these new designs.  Somehow I doubt that – at least as long as Microsoft is making code for their browsers that deliberately breaks all the previous rules of CSS, just to ensure that their latest Office suite sells (and yeah, I'm looking at you, IE 6).

Anyway, I'm gonna see if attaching a photo to this post in any way results in a photo appearing in the blog post.

This is me on the main plaza in Astana, aka "What the capitol city of Mars would look like if designed by Albert Speer & Walt Disney's offspring."

Dave on the main plaza.jpg