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A growing fave
of web designers are the so-called “Mashups” where, for example, you use Google maps and the zip codes of likely datable people to map out how many eligible hoochie mamas there are within a 50-mile radius of any given point.  If only that function had been around when I was choosing a city to live in…

Anyway, the programmableweb.com site has

become a cult favorite of web developers, who check it compulsively for
inspiration — and a place for lay people like me to find groovy new
web diversions.

Here’s the top 5 new mashups:

SearchMash Takes normal Google search results, makes sure the pages exist an…  Google  592 4.8 
If I Dig Straight Down Everyone in the US knows that if you dig straight down you end up…  GoogleMaps  452 3.9 
Moviemappr Find out what major motion pictures are filmed near you. Results …  YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps, Amazon  450 4.5 
Rentometer Genuinely useful mashup that can help you determine if you are pa…  GoogleMaps  397 5.0 
Celebrity Ranker Uses Google to find out how popular and sexy celebrities are, and…  YahooImages, Google  379 5.0 
BlueOkapi Mashup of GoogleMaps, YouTube and Flickr. 

Their big featured story is how AOL is putting in a video search api.  I like all this – it’s all part of the human drive to take the objects in our environment and figure out how to noodle around with them until we come up with an entirely new tool.  If there is any characteristic that is as likely to either doom or save the human race, it would be that innate simian curiosity…

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