Interesting bit at the American Journalism Review about the Politico operation.  Originally a website, it is now a whole multimedia empire focusing in on politics.

There are many interesting lessons to learn from this experiment – not the least of them being the strength of finding your niche and then exploiting the hell out of it. But what caught my eye is the idea that no matter what your success on the web, you need a paper edition to prove to advertisers (and others, presumably – since this is about politics, there is a decided demographic of harrumphing Sen. Claghorns in the projected audience)…


But the foundation for Allbritton’s multimedia buzz machine will be, at
least initially, good old-fashioned newsprint. Three days a week, when
Congress is in session, Allbritton plans to paper Capitol Hill and the
K Street lobbyists’ corridor with 24,000 copies of a tabloid, also
called the Politico. As the name suggests, it will chronicle the doings
of DC’s political-industrial complex.

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