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May 06

Wm. Marc Salisbury: The Annie Liebowitz of LA’s Digerati

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Everywhere I go that’s fun, interesting & tech-oriented, I run into Wm. Marc Salisbury, toting his Canon DSLRs and an enthusiastic grin.  He’s assigned himself the task of covering all the meetups of the smarty-pants computer geek/film nerd/tortured writer clique(s).  He was at the BarCampLA7 over the weekend, and yesterday I ran into him at Digital Hollywood, where we traded snarky quips in the back of the room about the panel basically “reading from the brochure.” After all the sessions Mark has had to endure of us dot-com types explaining our Plans For World Domination, I figure some company somewhere should snarf him up and install him as CEO, since he probably knows more about what’s going on in the digital universe than pretty much anyone else I can think of.

Now that rock stars are no longer rock stars, CEOs are pretty much headed for either an extended relaxation stay at Danbury Federal Penitentiary, or stuffing sacks of cash into their LearJets on their way to an extradition-free country … I guess us former propellorheads can start to take our rightful places as idols to be given the Annie Liebowitz/Rolling Stone treament. Only maybe without quite so much Vaseline on the lens.

I took this picture later in the day (well, actually at about 8 p.m.) after the final session, where Battlestar Galactica director Mike Rymer (pix and quotes from that session to be posted in a bit) held forth on his experiences trying to invent a coherent cosmology for the Cylon race, pretty much yanking details out of the cast & crew’s collective fundaments.

Anyway, here’s the shot of Mark, now complete with his very own virtual Play and Fast-Forward buttons.

If we hit the Rewind button, will he go all Benjamin Button on us? (click for larger size)

If we hit the Rewind button, will he go all Benjamin Button on us? (click for larger size)

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